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Participating Laboratories

These laboratories currently contribute data to the HVP Australian Node.

  • Pathology Queensland Hematology Laboratory, Qld
  • Westmead Familial Cancer Service, NSW
  • SA Pathology - Flinders Medical Centre, SA
  • Centre for Translational Pathology, University of Melbourne, VIC
  • PathWest, WA
  • Queensland University of Technology, Qld
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Vic
  • SA Pathology - Molecular Genetics, SA
  • SA Pathology - Familial Cancer, SA
  • SA Pathology - Biochemical Genetics, SA
  • kConFab, National


The Human Variome Project Australian Node is operated by the Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

Previous Committees

NeCTAR Project Advisory Committee

  • Graham Taylor - Director and Chair
  • John Coghlan - alternative Chair
  • Graeme Suthers - MAWSON
  • Finlay Macrae - Representing Disease Specific Databases
  • Julie McGaughran – Australian Association of Clinical Geneticists
  • Andrew Fellows - MGSA
  • John McMillan - Clinician - Current user/contributor
  • Ann Borda - VPAC/VeRSI
  • Nigel Ward (NeCTAR)
  • Val Hyland - Laboratory - Current contributor
  • Maureen Turner - Biogrid

NeAT Steering Committee

  • John Coghlan (Chair) - Former Chairman, Medical Research Committee, NHMRC and Former Director, Howard Florey Institute
  • Richard Cotton - Convenor, Human Variome Project (VIC)
  • Agnes Bankier - Director, Genetic Health Services Victoria (VIC)
  • Val Hyland - Diagnostic Laboratories, and Chair, Molecular Genetics Society of Australasia (QLD)
  • Ross Wilkinson - Executive Director of ANDS, or nominee
  • Tony Williams - Executive Director of ARCS, or nominee
  • Finlay Macrae - Royal Melbourne Hospital and Secretary, InSiGHT (VIC)
  • John MacMillan - Genetic Health Queensland (QLD)
  • David Ravine - Laboratory for Molecular Genetics, Royal Perth Hospital, University of Western Australia (WA)
  • Ron Trent - Head, Department of Molecular & Clinical Genetics, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (NSW)
  • Justin Zobel - Principal Researcher, NICTA Victoria Research Laboratory (VIC)

Project Principles and IT Architecture Committee

  • John MacMillan - Genetic Health Queensland (QLD)
  • Lyle Winton - eResearch Analyst and Policy Manager, VeRSI (VIC)
  • Marienne Hibbert - Director, Biogrid (VIC)
  • Matthew Bellgard - Director, Centre for Comparative Genomics (WA)
  • Andrew Lonie - Head, Life Sciences Computation, University of Melbourne (VIC)
  • Graeme Suthers - Head, Familial Cancer Unit, Women’s and Children’s Hospital (SA)
  • Desiree DuSart - Head, Molecular Genetics Lab, Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VIC)
  • Jenny Leary - Laboratory Director, Familial Cancer Services, Westmead Hospital (NSW)
  • Neal Clark - CGEN (VIC)
  • David Quin - DHS (VIC)
  • Jan Stanek - Program Director, School of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia (SA)
  • Val Hyland - Diagnostic Laboratories, and Chair, Molecular Genetics Society of Australasia (QLD)