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Accessing Data

Access to data in the Australian Node for clinical use is via the Australian Node Portal, a web-based data query system. Access to the portal requires access credentials that are only made available on request to:

  • Individuals who are employees of laboratories located in Australia that are recognised by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and/or the National Association of Testing Authorities as conducting genetic testing;
  • Individual medical practitioners who are registered with the Medical Board of Australia who can demonstrate a need to access information stored within the Database in order to manage one or more of their current patients; or
  • Individuals who have received Board certification or higher from the Human Genetics Society of Australia in the area of genetic counselling.

Access can be requested online and is governed by the Data Access Policy.

Currently access to Human Variome Project Australian Node data is only available for manual querying, but plans are in place to provide automated (or programmatic) access to the data for clinical use.

Access for Research Use

Access for research use is currently only available via the BioGrid platform and its special distributed querying tools. Researchers wishing to access data in this way must apply for access via the BioGrid Australia data access process after obtaining approval for their project from their own institute’s Human Research Ethics Committee.

BioGrid Australia notifies the Australian Node of all access requests they receive and the Data Access Committee, a subcommittee of the Advisory Committee must approve all requests.